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Battlefield: Online

The Future of battles is no longer bullets and missiles but taken online.

Battlefield: Online. Forget about the troop amassing near North Korea’s border, the real battlefield nowadays is not putting boots on ground but rather gaining initiatives on the cyber world. This week, the team from Hackwarenews, saw some desperate hackings across the globe for various reasons. Be it political-motivated or simply for the roots of all evils – money.


Old school-style radio station break-in

During college days, what is the best way to confess your love to your sweetheart in a flamboyant manner?

One of the answers may be sending your “love” through airwave using public address (PA) system to let the whole world know. And that’s’ exactly what the pro-ISIS members were doing to a radio station in Sweden.

Well, we may have already known that the coalition forces have taken the last stronghold of ISIS in Raqqa. However, the extremism ideology still exist in the minds and some of the radicals decided to take their messages to the radio station.

The poor victim was a Malmo-based radio station with its morning show, being “hijacked” and played an ISIS propaganda song for 30 minutes. According to local media, the hack would be hard to trace and authorities are still investigating on this matter.


The Empire gets struck by the Kremlin

United Kingdom (UK)’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has confirmed Russian-backed cyberattacks on its energy grid, media and telecommunication over the past years.  The details of the attacks were not released in full, but prompted Theresa May, the prime minister of UK to issue this stern warning to Russia on Monday.

“We know what you are doing and you will not succeed.” addressed May regarding the Russian cyber-attacks on its soil.

UK has been on the iron sight of Russian-backed hackers such as the recent attempts to knock out parts of the national grid operating in Northern Ireland. In that incident, the engineers at Ireland’s electricity supply board (ESB) received emails from Russian-backed hackers in June 2017. The hacker’s intention was to trick staff into opening the email and downloading malicious software on to the ESB’s computer systems that could give them control of the network.

Apparently, the cyber-attack did not succeed as there was no power disruption in the power network but security analysts say the hackers could have stolen sensitive information such as passwords.

According to the NCSC’s data, since the formation of the security centre in October 2016, it had identified around 590 attacks or almost 2 cyberattacks per day. Among them, around 30 of the cyber-attacks were deemed as major enough that required a cross-government response.


Nothing is Forever

Los Angeles-headquartered fashion retailer, FOREVER 21 made an announcement on Tuesday, that there may be an unauthorized access to data from payment cards that were used at certain FOREVER 21 stores.

Thus, the retailer urged consumers to monitor their payment card statement closely and check if there any discrepancies. Upon seeing some unauthorized charge, consumers are to notify the bank immediately.

FOREVER 21 has since engaged a “leading security and forensics firm” to investigate on this issue and narrowed down their search to card transactions in FOREVER 21 stores from March 2017 to October 2017. The fashion retailer will schedule another additional notices to inform the public on the investigation outcome.

In conclusion, people hacks for a number of reasons, for fame, for fortune or simply out of boredom. However, the Hackwarenews team has increasingly seen cyber-attacks done for the sake of the country. Going forward, this trend is likely to continue and let hope the nations are prepared for this new kind of warfare.


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