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HackWareNews is an InfoSec, technology, and hacking resources publication and educational resource founded in August 2017. As IT professionals and techies at heart, we were concerned about the rise in hacking and data breaches hitting individuals and businesses worldwide.

Hacking has existed since the dawn of computers but in the modern age it really has a life of its own; there are entire cybercriminal organizations whose goal it is to hack their way into the businesses that underpin our societies. Hackers and cybersecurity professionals are at war with each other to get the upper hand. Hackers are finding innovative new ways to compromise systems and IT professionals are inventing groundbreaking new techniques and tech to stop them.

At the heart of all of this is your data. Your data is extremely valuable to the black hat hackers who attempt to steal it, it can be used to compromise your accounts and commit fraud, it can be used in sophisticated phishing scams, or it may sit on a dark web database for nefarious activities yet to come. We decided that we wanted to be a part of this fight for improved cybersecurity.

We believe that by spreading knowledge of these attacks and hacking techniques, we can increase public awareness about the importance of the cybersecurity industry. We hope our stories encourage safer practices among our reader base, whether you are an individual who needs to update their personal IT hygiene or business who could benefit to refresh your policies and tech. Hackers are more successful against the uninformed, and we hope to make people more informed.

Along the way, we discovered that hacking is both intriguing and appealing to a lot of people. These aren’t people who want to break into our systems, but people who want to help improve security by ethical hacking. Hacking is often portrayed as a flashy, secretive, and exclusive practice that is reserved for the technically minded problem solvers and there is some truth to this.

We want to help inspire the next generation of cybersecurity professionals by giving them the toolset to achieve their goals. This is why we began offering courses across a whole range of IT areas as well as running guides on how to skill up. We offer a range of courses and products aimed at inspiring the next generation or current generation of IT professionals.

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