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How To Download And Install Windows 10 S?

Windows 10 S is a new Windows variant designed to bring in front a dedicated set of features for some specific Windows devices. You can install this on any device if you want. It runs the UWP software in a different container, and it also has a much faster boot time.



How To Download And Install Windows 10 S

How To Download And Install Windows 10 S

Keep in mind that apps from outside the Windows store will not work at all. The Windows 10 S will install as well as activate if you have Win 10 Pro, Pro Education, Education and Enterprise.

The process of actually downloading this is pretty simple and easy to do. Visit to get the installer first. Once you are there, Download Installer and you are ready to go.

Wait until the download is complete, and then find the Windows10SInstaller5932.exe option and then double click on it in order to install the Windows version.

Press Next in order to proceed and then you will see if the CPU, Disk Space and memory are ok. Once that checkup is done, you will have to wait until the installation is ready.

You will wait until that is done, and then you can use Windows 10 S. that being said, you can restore factory settings to go back, you can access this via Settings/Update and Security/Recovery/Reset this PC/Get Started.

This is a good version if you want something dedicated for tablets and computers running Windows 10. The value you can get this way is extremely good, so definitely check this out!

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