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Installing Ubuntu Alongside Windows 10 via Dual-Booting



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The idea is that dual booting can make things a reality here, so it’s up to you to make the right pick and opt for the products you want as fast as possible. The process is simple, to be honest.


Enter Command Prompt as an admin, enter the Disk Management utility with the diskmgmt.msc command. Right click on the desired partition and then choose Shrink Volume. You will need to create a new partition from the larger one, at least 20000MB will be needed here. Press Shrink, wait and exit.

Creating an UEFI Bootable Ubuntu USB Drive

First, you have to get the Ubuntu ISO, then you have to download the Etcher tool. Install it, open up- the program and use a clean USB memory. Now you will need to select the desired folder where you have the ISO at this time. Select the drive and then pick your USB drive. Opt for Flash and then continue the process, restart the computer when all is Done.

How to install Ubuntu?

The idea here is that you need to open the boot setup during restart. Find the USB drive, select the Try Ubuntu option and then connect to the internet and select the ability to install Ubuntu. You will have to be ok with install Third Party Software as well as Install updates. Select the option to install Ubuntu alongside the Windows Boot Manager.

And that’s really it. The process is not complicated at all, and it’s a pleasure to do this. The results can be really nice, so you should definitely give this a shot. It’s a nice experience and one you will enjoy quite a lot. Certainly worth your time!

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