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Creating a Hidden Service via Tor for Beginners



Creating a Hidden Service via Tor for Beginners

Creating a Hidden Service via Tor for Beginners.  How to create the hidden service?

Download Tor first, that is a priority. You will also have to install the web server and configure it. The configuration you use is crucial. Make sure that you double check all the info to ensure that everything is legit and working adequately.


We will use the Savant example. The idea is to go to the main window and select Configuration. In the Server DNS entry Box you will have to enter Localhost. Add the desired content and then you will have to test it via typing localhost:portnumber into the address bar. You will have to end the Tor process,  if this still runs.

Find the torrc file that is usually in Tor Browser/Data/Tor and then open it via Notepad. Then add this:

“# Hidden Service

HiddenServiceDir C:\Users\Name\tor_service (replace with relevant directory path)

HiddenServicePort 80

After you added that, save the file and exit right away. Give Tor a restart and then check the message log to see if there are errors. If there are errors, go through and see if you did everything properly. In case this is empty, then it’s all good and you will have some great results.

Hidden services can help you quite a bit, so you may want to check them out. It’s easy to create one, and you can customize such services with ease, which is amazing.

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