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Help my website has been hacked!prevention methods



Help my website has been hacked!prevention methods

Help my website has been hacked!prevention methods

But when you get hacked, you don’t have to only repair the damaged file. You will also have to learn how to prevent any potential attacks in the longer term. That being said, we are here to help you figure out which are the best proactive measures that will offer you the protection that your website needs.

Review the file permission

You should note that the Unix file permissions and the file permissions in general are very hard to deal with. That being said, this can be a tricky thing so you have to work alongside an expert.

Check all the installed templates

Sometimes, the templates you install on the site may be infected, so it can be a very good idea to review them and see if there are any issues. Also, you may want to check for any potential patches if you can, as this will also come in handy!

See if there are patches for the add-on modules

Most of the time, you will note that the add-on modules can have updates. Since updates offer an increased protection, the value that you can get is second to none, so adapt to the situation to get the best possible results. You may want to check the core scrips in order to see whether they have any updates or patches!

Create a backup for your files and database

While you are not required to create a backup each day, you do have to understand that it’s a good idea to have a backup as often as possible. This does come in handy, and it can provide you with a wonderful set of benefits to begin with.

Rotate passwords

Help my website has been hacked!prevention methods

Help my website has been hacked!prevention methods

Resetting the control panel password as often as you can will be very helpful all the time. It can be very well worth it, so try to adapt to the situation and the experience can be amazing in the end.

Make sure that the developers don’t have access after they complete their task

The reason is simple, some developers may be malevolent, so you want to avoid situations like that. Adapting to the situation can be extremely important, so try to focus on that if you want to get the ultimate experience.

Change the FTP passwords

You don’t want anyone to get access to the FTP server. So, you should totally change the passwords as often as you can. This way you can keep the potential damage to a minimum!

Use all these great ideas and you will have no problem getting the best possible experience and results. You should consider adapting these tips to the situation, but if you use them adequately you will see that the outcome can be incredible. Use that to your own advantage and you will not be disappointed!


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