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HackWareNews (HWN) now has an official Discord Chat Server



HackWareNews (HWN) now has an official Discord Chat Server. Hey Everyone! For those who never heard of Discord …where have you been ?

This is a chat server to talk with HWN visitors and members in real time. There are multiple channels where you can discuss the latest sec news, security, Linux, hardware, malware analysis, and even (yep) politics!

To access our server on Discord :

    • create an account, a client (available for web, Linux, Windows, Mac,  Android, iOS) to access Discord, use our special invite that allows you to join our server.The invite for the HWN Discord server is:



  • Enjoy,Alex

Technology Enthusiast with a keen eye on the Cyberspace, Entrepreneur, Hacker, Co-Founder - Hack Ware News

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