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Great Techy Gear and Gadgets: Series 2

Great Techy Gear and Gadgets: Series 2


In this series we’ll look at some great techy gear and gadgets so you can put your skills to the test and have some fun along the way. We tailor pick gadgets and gear that we think add a new way of experiencing or learning an area of tech, to help you get your head out of the textbooks and into some hands-on, but fun, learning. You can see part one of our series here.


DIY Bionic Robot Lizard ($54.99)


This kit is an excellent way to delve into the world of robotics and have lots of fun at the same time. This kit has everything you need to put the robot together, and also includes a visual programming language so you can program it to move with the included Sunfounder Nano board. This kit is great for beginners since it comes with easy instructions and a visual programming language, making it very accessible.

More details:

  • Great way to learn robotics, electronics, & programming
  • Programmable to walk & change gestures and directions w/ the included remote control
  • Easy to code w/ the visual programming language software
  • Comes w/ simple assembly instructions

DIY Bionic Robot Lizard


  • Sunfounder Nano board (included)
  • Arduino

For more information on the DIY Bionic Robot lizard see here.


SunFounder Nano DIY 4-DOF Robot Kit ($49.99)

This new robotics learning kit by SunFounder is called Sloth! It is compatible with the SunFounder Nano board that’s included in the kit, or an Arduino board if that’s your preference. This kit injects a lot of fun into learning robotics with a robot that dances, kicks and walks. The kit is perfect for beginners and more experienced users alike since it comes with a visual programming language and is also great value for money.

More details:

  • Build a variety of different models w/ the included pieces & program each to do different things
  • Program the Sloth to walk on two legs or change directions based on gesture detection
  • Learn how to code faster & easier than ever w/ the visual programming language software
  • Get creative w/ your robot & make learning to code more fun than ever

 SunFounder Nano DIY 4-DOF Robot Kit


  • SunFounder Nano board (included)
  • Arduino Nano board

You can find out more about the kit here, including a breakdown of the kit and shipping details.


CrowPi Raspberry Pi Accessory Kit ($220)


There are two versions of this kit that was successfully funded on Kickstarter! Both versions are equipped with a motor, receiver, buttons and more fun components for you to play around with. One kit comes without Raspberry Pi Board and is $220, and one comes with a Raspberry Pi Board and is $349.

This kit helps you get to grips with both programming and electronics. When you connect your Raspberry Pi and you get access to tutorials and components for building a range of different projects. This versatile kit means you can keep learning and practising as you create and develop different projects, testing your capabilities.


More details:

DIY Bionic Robot Lizard

  • Build your own Raspberry Pi creations w/ step-by-step tutorials
  • Make your own projects w/ various DIY components
  • Use your CrowPi as a mini computer via the 7-inch touchscreen
  • Compact case makes it easy to take your CrowPi anywhere
  • Grow your computer science knowledge & dive into programming w/ Python



  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 2/ 3 and 3B+


To find out more including  specs and a breakdown of the kit, click here.


Raspberry Pi 3 + Speech Controlled Smart Robot Car Kit ($169.99)

Let’s be real, speech-controlled electronics have always been on the cool side of tech, you can now command your phone, command your home electronics, but what about a smart robot car? You can with this kit.


Another product designed by SunFounder, this kit includes the intelligent PiSmart platform based on Raspberry Pi and integrates Speech to Text (STT), Text to Speech (TTS) and servo and motor control. It also includes a 5-channel 10-bit ADC and ultilizes the 8-Channel digital built into the Raspberry Pi which makes DIY programming easier. This kit allows you to create your own car, program it to follow a line and avoid obstacles and also respond to your voice.


More details:

Raspberry Pi 3 + Speech Controlled Smart Robot Car Kit

  • Includes Raspberry Pi
  • Based on the PiSmart platform
  • PiSmart integrates speech recognition of STT, TTS, & servo and motor control
  • Works for line following & obstacle avoidance w/ the ultrasonic & line follower modules
  • Many pin headers allow you to install more sensors for function extension
  • Supports graphical programming w/ Scratch for easy debugging


You can find more details on this kit, including a breakdown here.


That completes series 2 of our Great Techy Gear and Gadgets where we aim to bring you fun and educational techy products so you can continue to impress your friends! We’ll be back soon with part 3.

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