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Top Ten Cybersecurity Certifications



Top Ten Cybersecurity Certifications

“Top 10” are often an attention-grabbing way to present information to readers, if not a little click-baity. You’ve probably read tens or hundreds of these types of articles yourself because they draw you in and offer the information up in an easy to digest way.

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When it comes to the tech industry, technology and the qualifications that support are constantly evolving resulting in new top 10 lists popping up all the time. This is true here, today we are going to discuss the 10 most valuable cybersecurity certifications as of 2019.

If you are new to the industry or looking to sharpen your skills but you’re unsure exactly where you should be putting your most valuable resource (time), then this list is for you.

CompTIA Security+

You’ve probably heard of this certification since it’s often considered an essential foundation cert to have. CompTIA Security+ is particularly useful for careers as a Systems Administrator, Information Security Analyst or Network Engineer. According to Payscale the average salary for a CompTIA Security + certified individual is $72K.

CCNA Security 

The CCNA certification is the second out of five levels of Cisco’s certifications, but probably the most widely known among employers. CCNA Security is particularly useful for the following careers: Network Engineer, Sr Network Engineer, and Network Administrator. However, the CCNA also shows an employer that you have a good understanding of network security which could be very useful in other cybersecurity roles. According to Payscale the average salary for a CCNA certified individual is $78K.


A growing number of employers are looking for individuals who possess audit, control, and security skills, and CISA is a great security focused (albeit not entirely) auditing certification. According to Payscale the average salary for a CISA certified individual is $99K.

CCNP Security

The CCNP Security certification is a Cisco level 3 certification (Professional) and is highly recognized. The CCNP is a good way to elevate your networking skills and boost your salary. According to Payscale the average salary for a CCNP certified individual is $92K.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

With hacking and data breaches a major problem, the CEH certification is becoming more popular and more attractive to employers. The certification is fairly expensive but it is a way to make your ambitions of being a white hat hacker clear in a way that other certifications don’t offer. According to Payscale the average salary for a CEH certified individual is $79,260K.


CISM demonstrates that you have an understanding of information security as well as broader business goals required to be an information security manager. According to Payscale the average salary for a CISM certified individual is $122K.

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)

This is another certification that makes your career ambitions clear as well as demostrating your technical skills. This certification is for techies who want to work in computer forensics for cybercrime investigations, and it doesn’t hurt that it sounds cool too. According to Payscale the average salary for a CHFI certified individual is $88K.


Certified in Risk and Information Systems Contol (CRISC) is an information security risk management certification. Businesses spend a lot of time evaluating risk so having this cert under your belt can give you the edge. According to Payscale the average salary for a CRISC certified individual is $119K.


This certification is held in high regard in the industry and has long held significance for cybersecurity professionals since it gives an overall understanding of cybersecurity issues. According to Payscale the average salary for a CISSP certified individual is $108K.

Certified Information Privacy Professional

This certification is based on the mastery of principle-based framework within privacy and security. According to Payscale the average salary for a CIPP certified individual is $120K.

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