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Top Ethical Hacking Online Course



Top Ethical Hacking Online Course

There is never a shortage of talented individuals when it comes to computing. The question is, how that talent will be brought out and developed. We’ve introduced you to a motley crew of individuals originating from unlikely fields becoming great professional hackers serving either side. How did they hone those talents deep inside them? Where did they study? You might be the next talented ethical hacker by joining this list of Top Ethical Hacking Online Courses.

CompTIAThe CompTIA PenTest+ Certification Trainingis for technically adept individuals looking to enter the field of ethical hacking from one of the top IT certification bodies. After taking this course and the exam, takers will automatically be certified ethical hacking pros. The course includes information gathering on networks and systems and vulnerability scanning, planning & scoping of targets, tools and code analysis, attacks and exploits and reporting and communication. The course is comprehensive and is designed to create capable ethical hacking pros.

Cybrary – the Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking is a free course from cybersecurity enclave Cybrary. Cybrary itself is a collection of many cybersecurity courses both paid and free requiring membership. This particular course teaches pros how to scan networks for vulnerabilities and techniques to exploit them. Of course, it includes the basics on networking concepts and cryptography as well as the use of tools that’s essential to the field.

MyHackerTechis a great place for ethical hacking courses and tutorials. These tutorials are inexpensive and easy to follow. Mastering Ethical Hacking, Python for Ethical Hacking and the Sudo apt-get that course beginner-advance. Each course has different approaches but includes the basics of ethical hacking. They’re inexpensive and short enough for inspired individuals to conquer all.

Aside from easy to follow courses, this website also features a blog rich in hacking information and real-life experiences of successful individuals in the industry. And lastly, they have stylish merch and equipment to get you up to speed and into character.

Udemy – has courses for all sorts of things, 213,000 of them. As for ethical hacking, there are dozens of them. Courses with titles such as Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch, Complete Ethical Hacking Bootcamp 2023: Zero to Mastery, Ethical Hacking with Metasploit: Exploit & Post Exploit and The Complete Penetration Testing Bootcamp. The prices are quite attractive and professionally presented. Udemy is one of the major authorities when it comes to online courses. Try a course with confidence.

Pluralsight – is another authority on online courses. They of course will offer a course on ethical hacking called Ethical Hacking for Beginners and Experts. Beginners meaning, professionals already armed with networking understanding and knowledge. That’s an assumption when it comes to all the courses here. Like Cybrary, the course discusses cryptography and penetration testing. It also includes cloud computing concepts. It’s not hard hitting on the budget as it’s only $29 dollars a month. Something talented pros can breeze through in one period.

LinkedIn – many are unaware of the association between LinkedIn and Lynda was, and still is as part of LinkedIn, another authority in online courses. They offer the course Learn Ethical Hacking Online which is consistently recommended by several websites. As an IT professional, it’s assumed that you already have a LinkedIn account, if not, should be a member in order to be linked with thousands of working professionals in this sort of social network. The course is free to try but if you’re engaged will need to charge a small fee. The course is taught by various industry experts and covers topics including network scanning, use of Kali Linux, footprinting and recon and session hijacking.

We hope you discover yourself and flourish going through any of these Top Ethical Hacking Online Courses.  

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