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The Best Cyber Security News Websites of 2021



The Best Cyber Security News Websites of 2021

If you are interested in developments in the realm of hacking and cybersecurity, there are plenty of cybersecurity news websites on the web, aside from the usual tech sites like CNET, PCWorld and ZDNet. These websites will provide more in-depth technical content compared to the ordinary tech sites for the simply tech-savvy. Below are the best cyber security news websites of 2021.

The Hacker News ( – The name alone says it. It remains the most trusted source of cybersecurity news. It has several awards under its belt to dispel any doubts.

Cybersecurity Magazine ( – Another website for cybersecurity which contains plenty of useful articles as well as features reviews for various cybersecurity products meant for consumers. If you’re on the lookout for cybersecurity products for your organization, this is your source for reviews.

E-Hacking News  ( – Is an attractive, well-organized website that will keep you up to date on developments in cybersecurity.

Security Week ( – Is a website moderated by top security experts so you will be sure of what you’re reading. It’s not as pretty as E=Hacking but shows a lot more content on a single page if you want a quick look at the latest in hacking and security.

CSO ( – A popular site that provides cybersecurity news to various parts of the globe and also contains very informative tips and how-to articles.

Cyber Defense Magazine ( – Another beautifully laid-out but informative website on cybersecurity. If you’re not much into reading, you can listen to their podcasts on Cyber Defense Radio or watch them on Cyber Defense TV. Cyber Defense Magazine hosts several prominent writers in the field of cybersecurity.

Infosecurity Magazine ( – Is a major source of cybersecurity information that serves up various regions of the globe and localizes content accordingly. It’s full of the latest news in the field as well as hosts plenty of information security whitepapers and webinars as well as podcasts.

Dark Reading ( – Is another trusted website about cybersecurity with plenty of content to look at upon landing. There’s plenty of information to take in and like the other websites featured here also hosts webinars, podcasts, whitepapers and newsletters. It has been around for some time and remains a trusted source of cybersecurity information.

SC Magazine ( – Like some of the sites on this list has been around for a long time (since 1989) and has built up trust thanks to accurate and timely content from a team of experts and specialists.

Comodo News ( – Is the blogging component of the Comodo Cybersecurity company but is full of the latest news and information on IT security which tries to simplify the technical nuances of the field, since it targets consumers and potential customers.

Information Security Buzz (ISBuzz) ( – Provides the latest news on information security plus allows for interaction among cybersecurity enthusiasts. Here you will get guidance as well as opinions from the ISBuzz team.

HackRead ( – Is one of the more colorful websites that contains the latest on hacking and cybersecurity news. It also hosts plenty of useful how-to and other informative articles categorized by major tech platforms.

Now there are plenty more other websites and blogs out there provided for free by major security companies and security experts. The ones listed above should be enough to sate your curiosity and keep you updated in the field but feel free to check them out as well. (

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