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SSH into A New Sitting Experience with MyHackerTech

According to a study conducted by the Entertainment Software Association, personal computers are the second most popular gaming platform, with 52% of gamers playing on a laptop or desktop. In case you were wondering, a smartphone is the most popular device for playing games. A lot of gamers will balk at this, playing games on smartphones is something you do while waiting in line at the store or while you’re watching something you’re not particularly interested in – it’s not considered ‘true’ gaming.


PC gaming is largely considered the polar opposite of this – a gaming experience for those who devote a significant amount of their free time to gaming. It isn’t that PC gamers are an elitist club that likes to gatekeep the title ‘gamer’, but rather that having a decent PC gaming setup requires more time, money, and general investment than buying a console or downloading an app on your phone.


This investment isn’t just about having the fastest graphics card or the most RAM, but making sure everything is set up for the maximum gaming experience. Comfort is a huge factor if you are going to be spending multiple hours playing games.


Comfort is an important factor for anyone who spends long periods of time sitting at a desk, such as hackers who can spend a string of hours wired into a computer trying to outsmart it.


And that’s why you should SSH into a new  seating experience and get > SSH.


> SSH Specs:

Brand: My Hacker Tech
Model:  > SSH
Size: Medium
Recommended Height : 160-180 CM
Recommended  Weight: 50-80KG
Max Weight: <110KG
Tilt Mechanism : Multi TIlt
Casters: 6cm PU Casters
Upholstery: PU Leather
Adjustable Recline
4D Armrest
Aluminium Base
Velour Head Pillow
Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow

Aesthetic and Comfort

We’ve gone for a sleek and stylish look with rounded edges. The “> SSH” logo is clearly visible on the chair and signals to any onlookers that you are a natural born hacker. The design completes the look of any hacker or gamers den, being smart and modern in appearance as well as functional.

In terms of comfort, > SSH has been designed with maximum comfort in mind. This means great lumbar support in the form of a memory foam lumbar pillow, a comfortable velour head pillow, and a 4D armrest, as well as being highly adjustable.

It used to be the case that chairs were considered no real threat to our health apart from the obvious feature that they inhibit physical activity by allowing you to relax. This is why you’re probably familiar with the painfully simple plastic and metal wire chairs that were so common until only a few decades ago and made you numb if you sat in them for too long. However, we now know that extended periods of time in chairs that cause your body to be position in a certain way put an artificial strain on your core muscles. This leads to back and neck problems that can have long-lasting effects.


By getting > SSH, you’re not only taking your seating experience to the next level but also leveling up your hacking experience too.

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