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Fun Arduino Hacks



Fun Arduino Hacks

What is Arduino?


Arduino is an open-source and easy-to-use tiny computer for electronics hobbyists. Arduino allows users to program functions and use different inputs and outputs.

Arduino is a highly versatile little computer that is open to many imaginative projects dreamt up by hackers. It’s also very cheap, ranging from $20 for a basic kit up to $100 or more for more advanced engineering kits.

Because it’s both affordable and highly versatile, it’s a great tool for aspiring hackers looking to build their own electronic systems.

Fun Arduino Hacking projects?

Below are some fun projects for aspiring hackers who want to test their building and hacking skills and learn something new!


Arduino Rubber Ducky USB


A USB rubber ducky convinces a computer that it’s actually a keyboard which allows hackers to deliver a malicious payload. Depending on the payload a hacker uses, they can achieve different things. For example, you could use a keylogger payload to gain access to the user’s passwords. You can use this hack to plug your Adrunio rubber ducky into your computer, which will trigger it to create a .text file where it will log your keystrokes.

For this project, you install the Arduino integrated development environment (IDE) on the Digispark ATtiny85 Board, which has about 8KB of programmable flash memory. This is smaller than a typical Arduino board or the usual Rubber Ducky hardware, but this isn’t a problem with a small payload. You can find more details here.

Burglar Alarm


Build your own home security alarm that you can manage from your smartphone. This system has a main circuit in the form of the Arduino shield and a “remote control panel” located near the main entrance to the house. You can manage and configure the whole system from a webpage or app in your smartphone and it can even send you a text if the alarm has been triggered. You can find more details here.


Bicycle Computer


This bicycle computer Arduino build allows you to see your current speed, distance traveled and travel time. You can even add a temperature sensor to your smart bicycle for as little as $1. You can find more details here.


Fingerprint Scanner


You can use this simple fingerprint scanner to bring your security systems into the modern age. You can set up this fingerprint scanner to unlock your garage door, your front door, or any door really, and not have to worry about carrying your keys around. You can find more details here.


Access Control System


Sticking with the home security theme, this Arduino access control system is an RFID controlled door lock. If you don’t know what an RFID controlled door lock is, you’ve almost certainly seen one in action but don’t know it by its technical name. It’s a method of door access that involves holding a card close to a receptor that will grant access. It’s a non-contact technology that is widely used by businesses to allow employees access to buildings. You can find more details here.


Flappy Bird Game System


This game project is rather advanced but if you have an understanding of coding and electronics and follow the instructions properly then you should be successful. You can find more details here.


That completes our list of fun Arduino hacks for aspiring hackers and electronics enthusiasts. While Arduino has it’s limitations, it really is a great way to develop your tech skills.


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