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Best Hacking Tools for Windows



Best Hacking Tools for Windows

Finding the right hacking tools can be a challenge though, which is why we are here to ensure that you get the right one to suit your needs. Here’s a list with some of the best this year.

  • Metasploit

Metasploit is a set of dedicated exploit tools and it allows you to find vulnerabilities in various platforms. It’s pretty comprehensive and extremely easy to use, which is exactly the type of feature you want. you can download it from

Metasploit - hacking tool - hackwarenews, hacking

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    Acunetix WVS

With Acunetix WVS you can scan as well as find the website flaws that are fatal. The Acunetix WVS tool is multi-threaded and its primary focus is to crawl the site and see if there are any vulnerabilities. It offers support for thousands of vulnerabilities and you can get it at

Acunetix WVS - hackwarenews, hacking

  • Nmap

Nmap is a port scanner and it makes it easy to do fast security auditing and network discovery. You can figure out a variety of info here, from the firewall used to the OS and the services available. Get it at

Nmap - hackwarenews - hacking tools

Nmap – hackwarenews – hacking tools

  • Wireshark

Wireshark is a dedicated packet crafting tool and this one allows you to find network vulnerabilities. It also helps you probe the firewall rule sets too. Works with most platforms and you can get it at


Wireshark_hackwarenews, hacking


As you can see, there are some really good hacking tools out there. Just find the right ones for you and you are bound to get a nice value as a whole!

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